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!*!*! PACNW Hot Wheelers !*!*!

Our club is expanding and we are getting more regular attendees. You will find information in several locations within this site and within the discussion boards. The discussion boards have been updated to include both public and private discussions. Feel free to explore the site and if you are interested in attending a meeting before becoming a paid member you will find the information posted on the main club page.

Our club meet for June is scheduled for the 24th at 12:00, the weekend after Fathers day. We will be having our third annual downhill racing event and BBQ. Bring the kids, some type of dish and lets have some fun. There is one key point I need to put out. For members who have paid their club dues this will be a free event, for those who bring guests there will be a charge of $5.00 per person to include kids. If you need directions to Ernies reach out to Ralph , and remember, Ernie has a garage full of stuff to sell so bring some extra cash.

If you are a current club member I have reset the club forums so members can go in and make the payment for the dues for this year, now set at 20.00. The Club car for this year should be ready so you will get it when you sign in. Remember, the raffles are now going to be for paid members only so if you want to partake you need to make sure you pay your club dues, the site is set up so you can make your payment.

Pacific Northwest Hot Wheelers Club Membership Signup

Clicking on the following link will bring you to the club presense on facebook:

Pacific Northwest Hot Wheelers Club on Facebook

Our club presence in the Pacific Northwest is growing and there will be new activities throughout the year. Click on the following image for all updates concerning club meeting times and places.

Pacific Northwest Hot Wheelers Club

!*!*! Adventures of Spongebob and Patrick !*!*!

Spongebob and Patrick have become worldly travelors and quite the hit among our friends on facebook. They will be taking up residence here to share their travels with our fellow Hot Wheel collectors. For those who want to follow them on facbook you can find them at the following link:

Facebook SB and P

Adventures of Spongebob and Patrick

!*!*! Updates will be completed on a regular basis so visit often !*!*!

Welcome to Falcon Crest Wheels a site where you can explore the world of collecting, share your collection with other collectors around the world, and chat with other like minded individuals who share the same passion for these little pieces of art called Hot Wheels. (Some features not active yet, but will be made available as time permits. All updates will be noted here as they occur).

There is plenty to discover here, and you can help build a database by providing information pertaining to Hot Wheels you have in your collection. The main focus here is to enjoy the hobby you have chosen, and share stories you may have regarding Hot Wheels events in your particular part of the world.

As you can see by the site setup there will be plenty to explore, and you may even find some new friends willing to make some trades, or even find that one special Hot Wheel you are looking for in the auction block.

This site will be a living history built on the experience's and collection of every visitor who may choose to partake in the development of the database and message forums. Please stop by often and provide any information you may have pertaining to Hot Wheels.

!*!*! Falcon Crest Wheels !*!*!
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