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The club membership for 2018 has been extended to January 2020 at which time we will reset club members access for membership dues payments. The cost at that time will be 20.00 and the 2020 club cars should be available at the January club meeting. Anyone who has signed up and paid dues that has not received the club car please let a club officer know and we can get you your club car. There have been out of state individuals who have signed up as paid members, if you are one of those let us know and after verification the club car will be mailed to you.

The club meeting for the month of June 2019 will be at Ernie and Mickies place near covington as noted on the home page. Come out and have some fun trading, and buying Hot Wheels and other diecast items that may show up. This is our annual club BBQ picnic and Downhill racing event and there will be plenty of fun to be had.

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The following will be updated soon for the rest of 2019.

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Round Table Pizza
4002 "A" Street S.E
Auburn, WA
253) 735-4000

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I encourage anyone who has an interest in joining our effort in creating a club where families can enjoy our hobby of collecting Hot Wheels to come out and have some fun and help in developing an enjoyable club presence here in the Pacific Northwest. There will be many different activities to enjoy as we develop this club, and everyone's input will be greatly appreciated.

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