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K-Mart Collectors event November 8, 2014 brought the usual collectors and there were just enough cases for everyone in attendance to get an open case. Once again everyone was able to get the regulat treasure hunt, a chrome chicane. There were no supers found, however everyone got what they were looking to get as all those in attendance helped others in getting what they wanted. Based on what was left once everyone cleared it appeared that they sold about 75% of what was brought out. There were a couple error cars found, one was a bent down bumper on the Jeep scrambler, and a yellow Mazda with a bent down windshield. I also picked up the only known color shade difference on the 71 Hemi Cuda, which was noticably darker in color than the rest.

All in all, another great time with collector friends, and we look forward to the next event.

The mail-in for this third event is the 59 Cadillac Funny Car. Here are a few images from the event along with the color exclusives found at this event..

K-Day Car 3K-day carsK-day 1K-Day 2K-day 3K-day 4

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